Photography for Small Business Marketing


Saturday, 10:30am - 1:30pm
Cost: $55

The best camera is the camera you already own!

Whether you use a cell phone camera, simple point and shoot, or you’ve graduated to a DSLR (fancy abbreviation for a digital single lens reflex camera); bring your camera to class with a full battery and memory space.

During this hands-on class you will discover how you can better make your photographs, propelling your marketing visuals for a business that flourishes.

Learn about simple backdrops, proper focus, and depth of field to showcase your product or subject. We'll go over cropping & preferable arrangements to compose your image for advertising advantages. And how to "cheat" the light and show more detail in your images. Oh, and we definitely will cover the horrors of using a built-in flash and how to combat it. Additionally, we'll DIY on the fly with inexpensive equipment bought at the dollar & hardware stores so everyone leaves confident they can do this!

Light refreshments provided to quench and satiate all your hard work :-)


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