Personal in-home consultations to help stage your home 


As a professional consultant, Danielle brings her expertise in interior design to help show off the gorgeous artwork created from your photography session in your home. With tape measure, and sample sizes in hand, you’ll have the luxury of visualizing how your imagery will be displayed. Decision making made easier! 



Quality printed imagery


We all start out with good intentions of making beautiful prints or even albums, but often digital files wind up staying on a disc or a drive until it becomes damaged or the media all too quickly becomes obsolete - or worse yet, you can’t even find it!  Those vigilant enough to commit to printing files on their own often say that products are sadly inferior and just don’t last. That's certainly not the case with artwork from Danielle Hepner Photography. The professional labs Danielle has access to uses only top quality archival materials and rates their printed imagery to last a lifetime and beyond! Just make sure to use proper care and storage of your photographs, so images will be beautiful for generations to come.



Customer Service


You always receive the best individualized customer service with Danielle Hepner Photography.

At all times, we strive to bring you the best experience possible. Danielle loves to sit with you and go over everything. Have questions? Feel free to ask them all. 




Creative Fees


All album designs and collection designs include the creative fee as a courtesy to our    




Image Capture & Edits


All photos are shot in a professional level RAW format in order to get the highest quality files.

Images are then individually processed for greater levels of brightness, smoother transitions of

tones, better detail, and more beautiful color balance. All images selected by the client include

soft general retouching and are then converted to a universal jpeg format.





All photo shoots, weddings, and events are shot with professional level equipment. At all times

professional level back up equipment is always on site. If for any reason a glitch develops,

we're back up and running in just a moment.