Top 10 color combos you should wear to your next photo session
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Monday, January 23, 2017
By Danielle Hepner
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"What should I wear?" is the most common question I get asked when people are preparing to have a photography session. And the answer depends on a few things (that sounds wishy-washy I know, but bear with me). Here's a few things to consider...


First, who will be in the photographs? If it's just one person, than there is only one person to dress - which means you don't have to coordinate with anyone else, ha ha! Have fun with your wardrobe and pick clothes that you feel good in... confidence shows! I love color, and I LOVE when people love color too! Color always looks great. 


If there are two people or a small group, now we have to coordinate for sure! The best advice EVER, is for all the colors and patterns chosen by everyone to look as if they could be worn together in ONE outfit and still look good. I really like this concept because it makes so much sense - since everyone is being photographed together, the outfits should work together, right? So for instance, if Mommy has on dark blue jeans and a kelly green shirt, and Grandma has on a flower printed skirt (greens, blues, white, yellows) with a blue shirt, and little Emma wears a bright yellow dress, then everyone looks great together in their photos. Get the idea? Great!


When there is more than one person - limit patterns (best if just one type of pattern). Gone are the days when everyone showed up to the shoot with the same exact plaid shirt, lol. This is the old "matchy-matchy" idea from a billion years ago that looked ridiculous. I hope we can all agree NO ONE is going to ever do this again. Chant it with me, "I will not be matchy-matchy, I will not be matchy-matchy, I will not be matchy-matchy".  Whew, thank goodness! Ok, so if you do really like plaid, and more than one person wants to wear plaid, here's what to do: give interest with each person wearing a different sized plaid, and of course - make sure ALL the colors look good together (as if they could be worn in one outfit). 


One more group tid bit too: if one person in the group wears a white shirt and no one else is wearing that much white, guess who's going to look like the center of attention? For some reason white works that way on our eyes. So spread out the white, use white in small amounts, or forget about it completely. 


And just a few reminders for some non-clothes stuff: Iron clothes that need it and use a lint brush - leave Fluffy at home. Floss/brush your teeth before you leave for the shoot - food in teeth never looks awesome. Check your fingernails - half worn off nail polish won't be so awesome either, so clean em' up (either no polish or newly polished). Ladies and lipstick - do a last minute no lipstick on your teeth check before you get out of your car :-)

Still having trouble picking colors that look good together???

Here's the top 10 color combinations

you might want to consider for your next photo shoot.


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