Curate Your Home With Photos
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Curate Your Home With Photos

Imagine walking up your stairway filled with family photos, and being able to be transported back in time to those very moments! That's one of the most amazing things photography for your home can do. Photography is an investment in your memories. Details can easily be forgotten, but in photographs you can relive your memories and have all those amazing moments and feelings come flooding back to you. Check out all these gorgeous ideas showcasing how to decorate your home with photography:   

Top 10 color combos you should wear to your next photo session
Monday, January 23, 2017
Curate Your Home With Photos

"What should I wear?" is the most common question I get asked when people are preparing to have a photography session. And the answer depends on a few things (that sounds wishy-washy I know, but bear with me). Here's a few things to consider... First, who will be in the photographs? If it's just one person, than there is only one person to dress - which means you don't have to coordinate with anyone else, ha ha! Have fun with your wardrobe and pick clothes that you feel good in... confidence shows! I love color, and I LOVE when people love color too! Color always looks great.  If there are two people or a small group, now we have to coordinate for sure! ...